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A guest-guided mapping expedition to the borders of human creativity.

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    55 - Luchador Appropriation Anxiety

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Liz Dembski uncover ideas around art, food trucks, and a startup idea that may or may not have already been done.

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    54 - The Turian Situation

    Jon (@ferociousj), guest co-host Jen (@jennifermarie), and special guest Thomas (@thomasthecat) go deep on weird implementations of fandom and the logistics of hitting on people at their job.

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    53 - Grad Student Heist Flick

    Jon (@ferociousj), guest co-host Felicia (@reelfeed), and special guest Patrick (@tintindelocean) debate carbonating hard liquor and invent an amazing app, among others. Visit to see Patrick's idea; do it now!!!!

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    52 - Be My Squirrel

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Yoz (@yoz) workshop some ideas for stories, discover a horrifying weapon, and ask a pertinent question about fanfic.

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    51 - Sandwich Tricorder

    Jon (@ferociousj), guest co-host Felicia (@reelfeed), and special guest Patrick (@tintindelocean) discuss weapons for cyclists, a much-needed scanning device, and a very dumb vampire story.

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    50 - The Tat Ratio

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special return guest Yoz (@yoz) work out some games, apps, & fandom-related concepts while honoring the sacrifice that Just Two Things makes for us all every day.

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    49 - Tattoo Etiquette

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Shayla uncover a book based on a previous idea, a corgi-based business, and some civic improvement concepts.

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    48 - Singles Night at Borderlands

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Jon (a different one) discuss non-standard dating events, a new use for churches, and an idea for another niche podcast.

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    47 - Toward a Taxonomy of Animal Crackers

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Shayla go to work on some ideas surrounding snacks, cats, dating profile photo shoots, and the gig economy.

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    46 - Sex Practice

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Jon (a different one) uncover surprisingly versatile ideas for food trucks, soft drinks, and funeral homes with a twist.

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