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A guest-guided tour through the junk drawer of a ridiculously prolific mind.

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    40 - Ragequit Simulator

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Yuri (@ync) improve a mystery idea, touch on the ultimate employment opportunity for actors, and uncover a surefire way to terrorize Doctor Who fans.

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    39 - The Kitten Supply Chain

    Jon (@ferociousj), Kelly (@enthusiosity), and special guest Maya (@MayaPhilipson) work out the model for an unusual kitten-based business and get real about the tech dating scene.

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    38 - Wolfgator

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Yuri (@ync) get into some dog-related matters, contemplate a pressing ontological question regarding lycanthropy, and workshop an unusual murder weapon.

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    37 - Oh, It's THAT Guy

    Jon (@ferociousj), Kate (@keightdee), and special guest Dana (@atomeve) muse on the grab bag of convention personalities, the appeal of Portland, and various juggalo-related marketing opportunities.

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    36 - Baking Bad

    Jon (@ferociousj), Kelly (@enthusiosity), and Jon's wife Mavis hit upon the ultimate food truck, a new paradigm for the sport of basketball, and a subscription food service that really does need to happen.

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    35 - Mario Theme Park

    Jon (@ferociousj), Kate (@keightdee), and special guest Dana (@atomeve) work through something called Choose Your Own Yaoi before hashing out some amazing location-specific notions.

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    34 - Snapes & Sensibility

    Jon (@ferociousj), Kelly (@enthusiosity), and Jon's wife Mavis work out a unique fictional crossover concept, dating for crafty singles, and other incredibly strong notions.

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    33 - Bane Mask Pacifier

    Jon (@ferociousj), Jen (@jennifermarie), and special guest Kristin (@dutchashell) uncover some surprisingly viable ideas around alcohol and baby accessories for traveling parents.

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    32 - Brunch Keg

    Jon (@ferociousj), Kelly (@enthusiosity), and special guest Audra (@audralindsey) vent a little about the current political climate before discussing a new currency concept and some frankly amazing notions for food products.

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    31 - Drunk Star Trek

    Jon (@ferociousj) and Jen (@jennifermarie) go on a shopping journey before special guest Kristin (@dutchashell) gets into some groundbreaking ideas around dating, drinking, and diversity.

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