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A guest-guided mapping expedition to the borders of human creativity. Join Jon, Besha, and a neverending series of guests as they search Jon's decade-deep pile of ideas for gold. Hear one you like? Take it and run! We just want credit (and a cut).

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    113 - Jet Engine Encounter

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Gary Tyrrell (@fleenguy) explore stupendous ideas for weaponry, entertainment, and photobooths before trading darkly amusing medical trivia.

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    112 - Harold & Britney For President

    Jon (@ferociousj), guest co-host Kelly, and special guest Amy L decloak choice notions for medicine, social science, art, and a must-have accessory for fans of the medium of comics in general.

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    111 - Lord of the Onion Rings

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Marri (@marri) uncover highly elegant notions for reinventing warfare and social interaction, as well as a Lord of the Rings idea that civilization truly deserves.

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    110 - Soup Witch

    Jon (@ferociousj), guest co-host Kelly, and special guest Amy L unveil quite frankly astonishing ideas for a strongly-branded restaurant, celebrity-based experiences, and candy swapping at scale.

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    109 - Proto Health Goth

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Marri (@marri) unearth several solid ideas for the betterment of civilization along with a truly tantalizing D&D notion.

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    108 - A Slytherin With Ravenclaw Rising

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Alison Haislip (@alisonhaislip) reveal deluxe notions for nerd entertainments both magical and non, as well as a top-notch bourbon recipe along with a highly useful website idea generated on the spot.

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    107 - Spaceships, Karate, & Videogames

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Yoz (@yoz) dig up marvelous ideas for music, parties, waiting room literature, and the raising of children along with two great San Francisco locations for a band(?) photo shoot.

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    106 - COWSTALKER(???)

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Alison Haislip (@alisonhaislip) dig up excellent notions for filmed entertainments across multiple genres along with a culinary education idea of unknown origin.

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    105 - Postcard Battle Club

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Yoz (@yoz) discover worthy ideas for a content moderation motivational scheme, an epistolary art project, and a great sitcom among others.

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    104 - Guitar Center for Women

    Jon (@ferociousj), guest co-host Kelly (@enthusiosity), and special guest Alicia (@aliciaostar) excavate some elegant ideas for online dating, compelling stories, and useful websites & businesses while also musing on kissing instruction.

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