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A guest-guided mapping expedition to the borders of human creativity. Join Jon, Besha, and a neverending series of guests as they search Jon's decade-deep pile of ideas for gold. Hear one you like? Take it and run! We just want credit (and a cut).

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    87 - The Rational Debate Club for Serious Thinkers

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Sara McHenry (@yellowcardigan) dig up highly promising notions for fitness, parties, and entertainment along with a new national pastime.

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    86 - Total Assumption of Risk

    Jon (@ferociousj), guest co-host Kelly (@enthusiosity), and special guest Genevieve work out a new angle for a destructive business and delve into ideas for printed products and historical perspective, among others.

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    85 - Lateral Criminal Thinking

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Chris (@rdesign) discover highly promising ideas for stories, weaponry, foods, and a 10/10 reality television pitch.

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    84 - Batman Comin'

    Jon (@ferociousj), guest co-host Kelly (@enthusiosity), and special guest Chris Lamb excavate ideas for videogames, comics, holidays, employment, and good movies along with a notion bound to improve society.

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    83 - One Less Fixie

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Diamond (@diamondfischer) explore the final frontier before diving into ideas around dating, traffic, recreation, and the only reason to own a fixed-gear bicycle.

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    82 - Carnival of Destruction

    Jon (@ferociousj), guest co-host Kelly (@enthusiosity), and special guest Chris Lamb unshroud ideas for new outdoor activities, romantic pastimes, and a game jam with a readymade soundtrack.

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    81 - What Happens in Narnia

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Diamond (@diamondfischer) uncover ideas for videos, booze, new cultural practices, and at least one videogame currently (and coincidentally) in production.

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    80 - Rap Fact Saturday

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Geri-Ayn (@geriayn) once again both unveil and create ideas around gender expression, home entertainment, and vocabulary.

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    79 - A Microphone-Shaped Object

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Jenna exhume some edifying notions for products, parties, and cultural practices before revealing the shortest test possible to determine someone's level of humanity.

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    78 - International Bureau of Tacos

    Jon (@ferociousj), Besha (@besha), and special guest Geri-Ayn (@geriayn) both unearth and create (on the spot) ideas for games, food, and a truly groundbreaking amusement park.

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